Baruipur Municipality : South 24 Parganas : West Bengal  

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Sri Shakti Roy Chowdhury

Rabindra Bhaban


Roles of Municipality

Decentralization necessarily calls for the transfer of functions mentioned in the Twelfth Schedule of the 74th CAA.  1992 onwards 74th CAA and several urban reforms came as revolutionary steps in the urban governance. The 12th Schedule of CAA indicates transfer of 18 functions for urban local bodies as given below. Urban Planning has been given highest priority including other services like water supply, street light, sanitary, solid waste, road etc.

In Baruipur Municipality out of 18 functions 16 functions have been absorbed since its initiation except Urban Planning & Electric Crematorium. Urban planning has came in service in the year 2005-’06 and Electric crematorium has been started in the year 2010. The following table also reveals the responsible departments for each function. For these purpose in most of the cases contractual or daily rated staffs were engaged except a few regular staffs.


Provisions in 74th  CAA

Function transferred or not


Responsible Department in the Municipality

Urban Planning including town planning.


Regulation of land use and construction of buildings.


Planning for economic and social development.

CDS & Planning

Roads and bridges.


Water supply for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes.


Water supply

Public health, sanitation conservancy and solid waste management.

Public Health & Conservancy

Fire services.

Baruipur Municipality has not initiated Fire services.

Not in existence

Urban forestry, protection of the environment and promotion of ecological aspects.


Safeguarding the interests of weaker sections of society, including handicapped and mentally retarded.

There is no designated department to handle the same. One of the Clerks of the Municipality is  on the charge

Slum improvement and up gradation.

Planning , P.W.D

Urban poverty alleviation.

CDS, Planning

Provision of urban amenities and facilities such as parks, gardens and playgrounds.


Promotion of cultural, educational and aesthetics affects.

There is no designated department to handle the aspects. Tax collector is responsible for the same.

Burials and Burial grounds; cremations, cremation grounds and electric crematoriums.


Cattle ponds; prevention of cruelty to animals.



Vital statistics including registration of births and deaths.

Death & Birth

Public amenities including street lighting, parking lots, bus stops and public conveniences.


Regulation of slaughterhouses and tanneries.

As there is no slaughter house and tanneries in the Municipality, regulation of slaughterhouses and tanneries is not applicable at present

Not in existence